Mandatory Information 


Obligor’s full official name Administration of State Material Reserves
Reason and method of the obligor’s establishment, including the conditions and the principles under which it pursues its activity Act No. 97/1993 Coll., on the Competence of the Administration of State Material Reserves
Description of the obligor’s organizational structure Organizational structure
Contact mail address:


Phone number:

data box:
official e-mail:
e-Filing Room:
Šeříková 1/616, 150 85 Praha 5

Malá Strana
222 806 111
251 510 314


Connection for all eligible payments from the public.  19-85508881/0710
Organization’s identification number (IČ).  48133990
Tax identification number (DIČ). CZ48133990
Annual budget 2015 Annual budget 2015
Place and method of obtaining relevant information

Bc. Jakub Linka                  

tel. 222806347, 725401150

An application, complaint, proposal or other inquiry may be filed or a decision received as stated. in the previous point, or, possibly, at the address
Place, time and method of applying for a remedy against a decision issued by the obligor,
including the explicit requirements imposed on applicants in this respect and the description of the procedures and rules which must be observed in these activities.
Appeal against a decision not to provide information 
Name of the relevant Form and the method and place of obtaining it,
Electronic Forms
Electronic Form of the Application for Information
Overview of the most important regulations pursuant to which the obligor, in particular, acts and decides and which stipulate the right to ask for information and other rights of citizens in relation to the obligor,
including the information on where and when these regulations are available for consulting.
Overview of the most important laws pertaining to ASMR’s activity
Information Provision Pricelist Information Provision Pricelist
Annual reports on the provision of information Annual reports 2014 on the provision of information
List of all budgetary, contributory, established, managed and other organizations established by the obligor or however regularly tied to the obligor’ budget.  Currently none
Publication of ASMR’s advisors and advisory bodies Advisors and advisory bodies