The data necessary for obtaining information on the Administration in compliance with Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on the Free Access to Information:

Information pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on the Free Access to Information (“Act”), is provided by the Administration’s Public Communication Office.

The filing of applications for information (“application”) and the pursuit of remedies against a decision on an application are governed by Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

Applications may be filed orally, in writing, or by fax or e-mail.

Phone number: 222 806 258, fax: 251 510 314, e-mail:

The applicant shall file written information applications with the necessary details through the Form of the Application for Information and send the completed form to the given address:

Správa státních hmotných rezerv
Šeříková 616/1
150 85 Praha 5 Malá Strana

At this address, at the Administration’s reception, an applicant may file written applications in person and consult the relevant regulations in the Administration’s filing room.

Pursuant to the Act, in filing an application it is necessary to complete, in the event of a natural person
– his/her name, surname, date of birth, permanent address or, if no permanent address is available, his/her residence address and delivery address (if different from the permanent address or residence address),
or, in the event of a legal entity – its name, identification number, registered address, and delivery address (if different from the registered address).

In the central bodies the remedy against a decision not to provide information is the Remonstrance, or, possibly, a complaint about the procedure of handling the application for information may be submitted. In both cases stated above, it is necessary that the application is filed in writing.

Information Provision Time-limits:

The date of filing of an application is the date of delivery of the application to the Administration.

The Administration must communicate to the applicant the details relevant to the provision of information within 7 calendar days of the filing date.

Within 7 calendar days of the filing date, the Administration must ask the applicant to specify the required information.

If the Administration does not receive specific information from the applicant, it will reject the application within 30 calendar days of filing.

The Administration shall inform the applicant about the suspension of his/her application within 3 calendar days of suspension, but at the latest within the time-limit set for handling applications pursuant to the Act.

The Administration shall provide the requisite information within the basic time-limit, that is, 15 calendar days of filing an application. The 15 calendar days’ time-limit may be extended by at most 10 calendar days, that is, for 25 calendar days, only for serious reasons:

  • such as the search and collection of the requisite information in other offices
  • a large amount of separated and different information within a single application
  • the need for consultation with another obligor
  • (or two or more Administration units) seriously interested in the subject of the application.

Within the basic time of 15 calendar days, the Administration must inform the applicant about the extension of the basic time-limit and the reasons for such extension.

The applicant has 15 calendar days of delivery of the decision to file an appeal.

The provided information shall be governed by Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on the Free Access to Information, as amended