We help ensure drinking water supply

People often realize how important water is when there is no water coming out of their tap. If we had not helped quickly, thousands of people would have been left without water. We have provided tank trucks or water containers, for example, to the municipalities of Jiříkov, Nedašova Lhota, Staré Křečany, Rosice, Mikulášovice or Jedousov. Most municipalities borrowed tanks for half a year.

It turns out that extreme drought is an increasing problem. While mainly wells in the villages were drying out in the past, now the wells that feed local water mains often dry out as well. Equipment from the Czech reserves has been deployed in about 20 municipalities and has helped to ensure the supply of drinking water to 20,000 people in recent years. Drought problems were solved, for example, in Liboměřice, Žumberk, Míčov-Sušice, Varnsdorf, Nedašov, Tisová, Píšť, Maršovice, Dešná, Seč, and Dobříš.

Further help

This year, we are ready again to provide help to municipalities and ensure the supply of drinking water to the population. In addition to tanks, we also have tank trucks, drinking water containers and drinking water treatment equipment in Czech reserves. In total, there are hundreds of pieces of equipment. We have warehouses all over the country, so we can help very quickly.

How does it work?

The mayor of the village turns to us for help. We sign a lease agreement with him and then we are able to bring the necessary equipment directly to the site in a matter of hours. For some municipalities, a tank truck is enough and they use it to fill a water tank with it, so that people have tap water at home. Other municipalities prefer the classic method. They lease tanks, place them around the village and people go to them to get water. If a state of crisis is not declared in the republic or region, we cannot lend the equipment free of charge. The tank lease costs 3 to 5 thousand crowns a month. It depends on the size of the tank.