In the event of a crisis, it is not possible to look for tons of food for the whole of the Czech Republic in the supermarket. It is necessary to have these stockpiles in warehouses so that they are immediately at hand.

At the moment we have food for 1.3 days of state operation. That’s a total of 13 million servings. These are mainly frozen meat, canned food, butter, milk powder, grain, cheese, sugar, or salt.

In the food sector, the Czech Republic is largely self-sufficient. We have a lot of agricultural cooperatives, food producers, and supermarkets. Therefore, we do not assume that there would not be a single bite available in the whole republic at one point. Emergency supplies should therefore be used primarily to cover food shortages in an affected locality, where Czech reserves would cover the first onrush before supplies are restored.

We store most food at external suppliers. According to the concluded contract, these companies must always have fresh food in stock. For example, milk powder must not be older than 10 months or processed cheeses must be replaced with fresh ones within 60 days.