Emergency food stockpiles also help abroad

We help where needed. For example, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we sent 325 kg of baby milk to Syria because they lacked it in refugee camps. This was the fifth delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria in the last three years. In recent years, we have sent there almost 10 tons of milk powder and over 3.6 tons of baby milk from the Czech reserves.
As part of humanitarian aid, we also send folding beds, tents for emergency accommodation, sleeping bags, isothermal foils, and blankets to various countries.

How does it work?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs draws up an annual plan for foreign development cooperation, which is approved by the Government of the Czech Republic. The country in need of humanitarian aid then turns to the EU or the Czech Republic directly with an international request. We are then obliged, according to the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to create stockpiles in our warehouses for humanitarian aid abroad. We classify the state material reserves created in this way in the category of emergency stockpiles. If a request comes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the SSHR delivers this humanitarian aid to the requesting country. In the past, we have sent a temporary bridge to the Central African Republic, blankets and isothermal foil to a refugee camp in Macedonia, and protective suits and goggles to West African countries when the Ebola epidemic raged there.