It is not for nothing that we say “he who is ready is not surprised.” That is why we have prepared a list of stockpiles that can help you in various crisis situations.


  • It is possible that you may find yourself without drinking water at your home. In the better case, it is a planned shutdown of the water supply, in the worst case, extreme drought may cause such a situation. Or the source of drinking water may be polluted by an accident. Therefore, it is good to have bottled drinking water in stock. Experts advise to count on approximately two litres per person per day.


  • People can survive without food for a while, but it is good to have durable foods at home for the case of crisis, such as nuts, dried fruits, canned food, but also rice, pasta, flour, sugar, or salt. And we must not forget the popular and energy-rich chocolate.


  • In the event of a power failure, you can suddenly find yourself in a situation with no money. There are no ATMs working without electricity, so you can’t withdraw money from them. And there are no payment terminals working in the shops either, so you won’t be able to pay with a card. That’s why it’s good to have at least some cash at home just in case.


  • During a crisis, there may be a situation where the pharmacy lacks some types of drugs. Therefore, it is good to have some drugs in stock, for example for pain, diarrhoea, stomach pain, allergies, eye and nose drops. You should not forget the drugs you normally take.


  • In the case of the so-called blackout, it won’t be easy to light up at home. It doesn’t matter so much during the day, but at night it’s worse. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a flashlight, candles, matches or a lighter on hand.