Special equipment and emergency stockpiles from the warehouses of the State Material Reserves Administration help in about 90 cases per year. This means that it is in action every fourth day.

The most often used equipment is special rescue equipment, which helps firefighters get people out of car wrecks in serious traffic accidents.

The mobile chemical laboratory also helps very often. There are dozens of cases a year. These are mostly disrupted gas connections or findings of an unknown chemical substance.

Tank trucks and drinking water containers help to solve water supply in municipalities and cities. In recent years, the Administration has helped dozens of municipalities in this way. They had problems with extreme drought, for example, in Mikulášovice, Staré Křečany and Jiříkov in the Ústí nad Labem Region, in Rosice and Jedousov in the Pardubice Region and in Nedašova Lhota in the Zlín Region. If the technology from the Czech reserves had not helped them, over twenty thousand people would have been left without drinking water. In recent years, the mayors of Liboměřice, Nedašov, Píště and Maršovice have also solved the same problems. Technology from Czech reserves then helped to ensure sufficient drinking water for Žumberk, Míčov-Sušice, Varnsdorf, Dešná, Seč, or Dobříš.

Other special equipment is often used. Especially the suction excavator, which makes it easier for firefighters to work in the ruins of houses when searching for people buried underneath. And it also helped to remove derailed wagons on the track near Mariánské Lázně, where it accelerated unloading of a load of limestone. The lightened wagons could then be finally lifted by the crane, freeing up the tracks so that other trains could run on them again.

If this technique had not been available, it would have been difficult for the units of the Integrated Rescue System to save lives and property.

It is the help in non-crisis situations that is increasingly important for the Czech reserves.