The basic objective in the sphere of information support is to provide crisis management bodies with an information tool to support the planning and decision-making processes in the sphere of acquisition of material sources intended for crisis situations.

This ensues from Act No. 97/1993 Coll. and is associated with the Administration’s responsibility for dealing with the information support of SEMCS, including, in particular, the obtaining of information on the resources necessary to cover the necessary supplies.

The persons and bodies responsible for dealing with crisis situations need to work fast with a large amount of information to ensure quality and speedy decision-making on what means and services to arrange and for whom and need to collect, verify, sort, group together and analyse such information. For this work to be as fast and accurate as possible, various information systems ensuring ‘Information Support’ in the dealing with crisis situations and, thus, the procurement of the necessary means and services are used.

Reasons of the Need for Information Systems

A) Need for a considerable amount of information on the sources of the whole Czech Republic
–          what (name of a material means or service)
–          where (territory identification)
–          quantity, supplier, contact details

B) Transition from the acquisition and maintenance of sources to their search and registration (the state should acquire only what cannot be obtained from economic operators)

 C) Collection, verification, sorting, grouping together and analysis of extensive volumes of information in a short time and based on the needs of the given situation (a considerable part of the preparations for CS is of an information nature).